Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gray Hair & "Old" Ovaries

I found my first gray hair at 17 years old. I would now estimate about 40% of my hair to be gray. Thank goodness for hairstylists and hair color that hide it. That's an easy fix.

However, being told this past week that my ovaries look older than I am, well, that isn't an easy fix. Apparently my ovaries look like I'm 40 based on an ultrasound that was done last Wednesday - and I'm 32. I also had some blood work done which the results came in yesterday and confirmed the original prognosis. They tested my AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) level, which came back at a "very low" 0.3 ng/mL which, according to the Nurse Practitioner, they want to be at least a 1.0. Simply put, this test measures the number of eggs you have left.

Needless to say, I'm blind-sided with this new information. I mean, I knew there was something probably going on, like my endometriosis causing the infertility issues, and we could do a simple IUI (intra uterine insemination) and all would be dandy and I'd be pregnant! The NP said that there is hope but they would want to be very aggressive with my fertility treatments if we choose to do any. I asked if it was something that I did, and she said no, that sometimes it's genetics and sometimes they just don't know the cause of low AMH levels.  

We will go back in about 2 weeks and have another test done that will show if there is any scarring in my uterus from my C-Section with Kenna or from my endometriosis. This will give light on whether or not a baby would be able to attach itself to the lining.   

I do encourage anyone who is trying to get pregnant, and has not gotten pregnant in 6 months of actively (ovulation tests, charting, timing, etc) trying to consider getting a fertility consult done. It will not hurt anything to just know if there is something going on. I thought I had to at least 35 until I'd have to worry, but now, at 32, time is of the essence for me.  

I know deep down we are not done growing our family, I'm just not sure which path we will take to get there. I am so thankful to have a wonderful & supportive husband, a loving family,  and great friends and co-workers to talk to and lean on. But most of all, an almighty God who knows what is best. We will have some BIG decisions to make in the next month or so, so I ask for prayers of guidance and peace for us. 


  1. You are tough, you are strong! No matter the path, you can get there, Carla. You, Brian and Kenna are always in my thoughts and prayers. Keep blogging! You never know who you will touch with your story.



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