Monday, April 5, 2010

Lots Going On!

There is so much going on right now!  Where to start???  I guess the first thing is that I will be leaving my position at PHHW on April 15th this year after 5 and a half years of service.  It was an extremely hard decision that I prayed and thought over for at least a month.  I have accepted the position of Tax Manager/CFO with a company called Tri Star Sports & Entertainment.  They are an all-inclusive business management firm for entertainers and pro athletes.  I'm very excited about this new challenge and opportunity, but very sad at the same time to leave the people that have become like family at PHHW.  However, this new position will not demand any OT during "busy season" from which most of you know calls for about 65 to 70 hours a week during tax time!  I did not see my baby girl for ONE minute today.  She was asleep when I left this morning and asleep when I got home...I just cannot do that anymore.  Especially when I think about having baby #2 or #3 (possibly)!!

On another note - WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!  We closed on March 31st - we are officially DEBT FREE and homeless!  :)  Well, we have a home at Mama's right now!  We are currently waiting on the news from our offer on a home in Franklin.  It is a "short sale", which is a PROCESS....lemme tell ya!  The owners had 2 mortgages, from which one of them has accepted our offer, but the other has not.  We are supposed to find out this Thursday (4/8)...cross your fingers and say a prayer (but not necessarily in that order!) for us :)  This house is incredible and perfect for our family.  We have been staying at Mama's for about 2 and a half months now...we have one big room that makes up our living room, office, bedroom AND nursery!  Well, as of late we have moved Kenna into another room.  Poor baby doesn't even have her crib, just the pack and play!  But, she's happy just the same!

Kenna will be 5 months old on Wednesday!  Crazy!  Time has gone by so fast.  She is such a happy little girl!  Her "laughs" sound more like a squeal you make while sucking in air...really hard to describe in words!  Her eyes are still a blue-green....wondering if they'll stay that mama has green eyes, Brian's mom has blue, both of my mama's parents have blue...guess we'll see!  She is a side sleeper and always rolls to her side to sleep when put on her back.  She also LOVES to squeal!  I really think she's going to be a loud talker like her Mama, which is like her Gran...haha.  She loves riding around outside in her stroller and kicks her legs the whole time.  She is eating cereal now and only spits in back out sometimes.  She is wearing 6-9 months clothes!  I think she's going to be a little chunker!  haha  Her smile is the most amazing thing to me and she is like a magnet that I am just drawn to...she is incredible and I thank God every day for her!

In 10 days busy season will be over and I will have a week and a half off before I start my new job.  I'm going to spend it with my "sugar cube"(aka Kenna), my sweet man, with a little shopping, massaging, and manicure/pedicure added in.  And maybe...just MAYBE...I'll be moving into our new house :)

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