Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time has flown by!!!

Wow...Kenna is over 2 months old and I haven't written a post in here since the day before I had her!  So much has gone on since then I don't even know where to start!  She is currently asleep, snuggling with me on my chest :)  She is smiling more and more and her smiles are the best parts of my day.  She tries to "talk" to us when we are talking to her.  She has rolled from her tummy to her back twice (I don't think she was trying to, I believe it was by accident!)  Her Gran (my mom) makes her smile the most...I think it's because Mama is so loud and animated!  She discovered her right hand this week and now bats at things, especially her friend, Sally the frog that is on her carseat.  She sleeps through the night already, starting at around 6 weeks old!  I know we are very very lucky!  However, she isn't too fond of going down for naps.  That can be kind of tricky.  She prefers to nap with Mama or Daddy, not in her bassinet or crib.  She discovered Toby a week or 2 ago, and will follow him when he walks around her.  Speaking of Toby, he is jealous of her but really likes Kenna!  He gives her kisses and lays down beside her (see picture below). 
I am going back to work Monday, right before busy season kicks in!  I'm looking forward to using my mind and I really enjoy my job, I'm sure I'm going to miss my little girl during the day though!  Luckily Mama is going to keep her and I can have peace of mind with that.  We are staying with Mama now (starting last night).  We are putting our house on the market, and it will be much easier if once the house is clean and "staged", it will stay that way.  Plus, Toby won't be there to bark at everyone who comes to look at it!  It's going to be really helpful staying with her during busy season - if Kenna is asleep in the mornings when I leave, she can just stay asleep, my drive is shorter to work, Mama will cook, etc. 
I miss Daddy so much.  I really wish he could have met Kenna and held her.  He would have been the best Granddaddy that ever was.  I'm going to make sure Kenna knows how wonderful he was and how much he loved her Mama.  I hope Kenna has the same wonderful "Daddy's girl" relationship with Brian as I had with Daddy. 
That's all for now...I'm going to try and keep up with this better now!  Here are some pictures from the past few months :)

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