Thursday, November 6, 2008

Daddy's Results

Daddy has had 3 rounds of chemo - and nothing has changed. Which is, in fact, good. There is one tumor in his right lung and 2 lymph nodes in his chest wall cavity that have cancer in them. He is supposed to start radiation next week and have another round of chemo. I feel awful thinking so, but after 3 rounds, you'd think that the tumor had SHRUNK. I guess my hopes were too high to hear that the cancer was gone. But, I told myself that I would be thrilled as long as the news was not any worse. We will continue the fight. He will be here when my kids are ready to play.
I have to raise my mom up because she has done so much for my dad since all of this began. She has learned to give shots - 2 a day in my dad's stomach. She has become a 24 hour on call nurse, and never complains. She has been very strong and I am so proud of her. It has been hard for all of us, and she has been the rock. Yes, she breaks down, but she picks all of us back up.
Keep praying.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Praying for Daddy

I've been a Daddy's girl my whole life...and I plan for it to stay that way. My dad was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer back in July after he had a stroke that was caused by the cancer. He has had 3 rounds of chemo - and he has 3 tests this week to see if the chemo has made any progress.
I had lunch with my parents today, and Daddy looked so good. It's been such a hard road already...we really need some good news this week for encouragement. Please pray.

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