Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Continued Journey - Decisions, Decisions

Today, I am feeling stuck, yet all over the place with my emotions and thoughts.  I just need to write to get them all out, and pray at the same time.  

We did an IUI 2 weeks ago with Clomid - but, a negative pregnancy test this past Monday.  I kind of expected that, as in I didn't feel pregnant, but still, heartbroken.  

Today we had lunch with our Pastor to talk about the infertility and adoption.  He had some great insight, and some special stories to tell.  Talking to him was helpful, just to get some feelings out helps. This is such an emotional journey, with the only answers coming from yourself and God.  I think I'm a little bit in denial.  I mean, I've gotten pregnant 3 times in my life!  Granted, only 1 baby survived (a miracle apparently).  Sometimes I think maybe God gave my whole family Kenna at a time when we needed her most.  We found out we were pregnant with her 2 weeks before Daddy passed away.  It gave us joy in the midst of sorrow.

We know we want to do another IUI - the NP has a different protocol she wants to try with the 2nd one - some different medicines.  Now I'm trying to decide if I want to do an IVF too if the 2nd IUI doesn't work, even with the low chance I have been given that it would work (10-15% chance - but that's still a chance, right??).  The thing that holds me back from the IVF is the cost.  And we discussed that with our Pastor today too.  He said to think about it this way, either way you won't lose - you'll either have a baby at the end, or resolve that you did everything you could.  Either way, that is a lifelong purchase.  And if you amortize it out (like accountants do) not even a dollar a day for the rest of your life for that.  

Then part of me would be sad if we didn't adopt because I got pregnant.  Maybe somehow, by God's grace and a miracle, we do have another biological baby, would we still adopt anyway one day?  I wanted to be pregnant again...we were not going to find out the next time, wait until the baby was born to see if it's a boy or girl.  How exciting would that be???  And I loved being pregnant, BUT, a baby is a baby.  I don't love Kenna because she grew in my belly and she has my DNA.  I love her because we raise her. We love her.  We take care of her.  She is ours.  

Do we try the IVF, after another IUI?  Do we just move on if the next IUI doesn't work?  Can I completely shut the door emotionally on "doing all we could" for another biological child?  I don't know.  I need to pray about it.  Think about it.  Please pray for us to have clarity over the next few months, and patience with ourselves.

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