Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Miracle In the Making

If you go back a few blogs, you'll see that over 2 years ago we were told we only had a 5-10% chance of ever having another baby. That is why I call this baby our Miracle #2. Actually, if you actually learn the ins and outs of what REALLY has to happen to make a baby...ALL babies are miracles. I've been so open with our journey so far - infertility and adoption - I shouldn't stop now. So, I'll share this baby's story.

In December/January, I decided that I had to do the most extensive of fertility treatments so I knew we had done everything that we could to have a biological baby. So, we started down the IVF road. You have to attend a class and pay lots of money up front. (In some states, infertility treatments are covered by insurance; Tennessee is NOT one of those states).

We got started on injections, and for me this consisted of up to 3 shots in the morning in my abdomen and 3-4 shots in the evening. I took the highest dosages for egg stimulation as possible. They want you to have at least 5 mature eggs for you to continue the IVF cycle, so there is a better chance of conception.

The spread...

A friend took half the dosage I did and got 27 eggs! Me... after 10-12 days of shots, I had ONE. So, our nurse asked us if we wanted to cancel this cycle & try again. I knew that this was our only go with all the medications and the cost, so we did cancel the IVF (no choice since only 1 egg) and instead did an IUI - intrauterine insemination.  This was our 4th IUI in about 2 years. A week after the IUI you give yourself another shot to help the uterus to sustain a viable pregnancy, and then you have to wait another 3 weeks after that to take a pregnancy test.

The night before I was due to take my test, it took forever to fall asleep. I knew in the morning I'd have to test and see the same negative sign I've seen for the past 4-5 years. I dreamed I dropped all my tests in the toilet by accident - very stressful! When I woke up, on February 5th, Brian was already gone to the office. I took TWO tests, laid them on the sink, then got back in bed. Kenna woke up and got in bed with me then I had to get up to take Abby out. I walked into the bathroom - and I was frozen to see 2 tests with 2 pink strips! I could NOT believe my eyes. I just stared for what seemed an hour with Abby whining at my feet. I go outside and call Brian...I say "well, I took my test..." He said "yeah...are you ok?" I about yelled "IT WAS POSITIVE!". I don't think I worked a lick that day.

Doctors don't always know the answer. 5% is STILL 5%. Have faith.

As for the adoption, they had to close our case after we were past the 1st trimester. We didn't get any of our fees that we paid in back, but we do get a discount if we decide to adopt in the next 3 years. I was sad the day the closed our case. We still have a heart for adoption. It was just a little over a  year ago we thought a baby was coming into our home in just 3 weeks, but then the birth mother changed her mind. We may have our plans, but God has the master plan! 

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