Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's a GIRL!!

We found a place called 4D Peek that claims they can determine gender at 15 weeks - so we went yesterday, at 15 weeks 1 day pregnant. It was a very nice clinic and the lady that owns it was wonderful. She had a huge projection on a wall of the ultrasound where we got to watch the regular 2D ultrasound and the 3D also. It was amazing! I was in love just watching the baby move and kick and "dance". I wish I could do that every day!
After about 10 minutes she said "You don't think I'm going to tell you right away, do you?" We were so anxious! The baby was being a little stubborn and turned her back to us for a while. After about 15 minutes, she said "And there's a GIRL's bottom!" I was like "GIRL???" in my head. I just KNEW it was a boy - I was wrong! I was in complete shock for at least an hour after that :) She let us watch her for about 15 more minutes move around - she was using the sides of my uterus to kick off of. She's active, that's for sure! We bought a baby blanket there that is pink and has "Baby Girl" with a stroller embroidered on it then we went to Target and bought some more pink stuff. Of course we sent out our mass texts because we knew people were waiting!
After we went to Mama's house and told her and Christi. They just knew it was a boy too! We let them watch the video (we have the whole thing on DVD" and the whole time they were saying things like "HE's so big" and "look at HIS" arms. Then they saw GIRL across the screen and they screamed!
Such an exciting day. We can't wait to meet her (6 months from now!) and bring her into our family. We are very blessed and thank God every day for her. Now...we just need to agree on a name!

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