Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kenna Turns One!

Our baby turned one 2 weeks ago on November 7th. In one moment I think it has gone by so fast and it feels like I just had her a few days ago. In the next moment, I realize how much has happened in her one little year of life, and it feels right.
I am so proud to be this little girl's Mama. She is just so SWEET! I love when she sees me across the room after a few minutes of playing alone, and she comes over just to give me a big smile and hug, then goes off to her merry little way to play some more.
We got to have her party on her actual birthday at our house. We decided to keep it "small" with just family, but that included a lot of people! We're blessed to have so many family members that we are close to.
At one, she could walk about 6-7 wobbly steps. She was saying the words "uh-oh", "thank you" (in her own way), "da-da", "easy" and tries to say "itsy bitsy" for the itsy bitsy spider song. No "Mama" yet, but I'm patiently waiting... As patient as I can to hear those sweet little syllables!
Here are some pics from that very special day:

Good morning big one year old!

Kenna's Great Grandaddy & Grandmother

Brian with his dad and stepmom

Kenna and her Aunt Cici

Us with our birthday girl

Kenna loves her cousin Teaghan & giving hugs!

Big one year old!

Reading birthday cards

Yummy ladybug cake

Grandmother and my pretty Mama

Opening presents

Family of 3!

The aftermath of the cake!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catchin' Up to Speed

Wow. I haven't written in here since August. I constantly feel like I have so much to do with not enough time to do it in. I mean, I know everybody probably feels that way. Who has time to put photo books together, write in their blogs, keep up with their kids calendars of milestones, read magazines, exercise and keep up with their favorite tv shows (my DVR has 3 weeks worth as of now) on TOP of everything else? If you have the time, please do share your secrets with me. :)
Since I have last wrote, to catch up with just me, I have 2 surgeries scheduled for this month. One, to drain the hematoma from my leg that I got after falling down a flight of stairs at work - action movie style - and two on my left shoulder. I think I hurt my shoulder playing on the playset we have in our backyard. But it just hurts so bad sometimes I have to do something about it. I also just went to the doctor Wednesday about a lump I found in my neck about 4 weeks ago that hasn't gone down. Call me paranoid, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Since Daddy died from cancer, I'm pretty scared I will have cancer too. I pretty much convince myself when one thing is wrong with me that it's cancer. I really need to work on enjoying TODAY instead of worrying all the time. I do have a cold right now too, which makes me have other swollen nodes, but this one in particular has been there for weeks! My doctor said it's probably just from an infection and he gave me some antibiotics to help it go down. He also did blood work which came back fine, thank God. I'm still going to an ENT doctor next week though because they want to make sure it's taken care of before my surgeries. The shoulder surgery is scheduled for Nov. 19th and my leg isn't scheduled yet because worker's comp has to approve it. THAT's been a fun experience. :)
I turned 30!!! It really didn't bother me and I think it's just because I am so happy in my life. I have a beautiful healthy sweet little girl, a loving husband with a heart of gold, a good job where I am respected and appreciated, a nice warm home, a mom and sister I could call any time of day who are also my best friends, and a best friend who I know will always be there (who also made me the awesome "Sugar Cube" T-shirt below for my birthday - check out her blog at Lele Green Captures). There was nothing sad about celebrating the 30th year of my life. I had an 80's party to appreciate the year I was born. See mine and Brian's pic below :)
Kenna has grown so much and simultaneously it's hard to believe she'll be ONE in 2 days because I can remember the day she joined us like it was yesterday, but then I think of how much has happened since she was born, and it's been a lot! She is taking 5-6 steps at a time now and considers walking her main source of transportation. She wants to hold my hand a lot to get around and it is so sweet. She has learned how to say "uh-oh" and will push things off her highchair just so she can say it! She also says "da-da" a lot! We're not sure if she completely associates it with Brian yet, because she says it to other people too. She can wave bye bye, do "Indian girl" by making indian noises with her mouth, and she tries to do the Itsy Bitsy Spider with her hands. She is a sweet child who gives hugs and pats you on the back at the same time. She thinks that dogs are HILARIOUS and laughs at them more than I can get her to!
Brian and I took a cruise 2 weeks ago on the Norwegian Pearl to the Carribbean. It was wonderful. I'm going to write a separate post about that, so I'll give more details there. Kenna's first birthday party is Sunday! We got her decorations the other night and I'm so excited! I didn't really do a "theme". Just pink :)
Here are a few of my favorite pics from the past few months.

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